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We’re living in the digital era, where marketers are continually remodelling and revamping a multitude of digital channels. Above all, recent events have redefined the very framework of the industry. The pivot towards digital business models is rapid and the shift in consumer behavior from on-demand to on-command services is changing the face of the industry.  This requires businesses to evolve faster and transform the entire value chain, right from content production to consumption. Partner with us and power change to redefine the way the industry is perceived.

Our Solutions

Embark on a journey of transition to the cloud while unlocking its benefits, with Inspire Infosol.  Now you can develop reliable and high-quality services at scale. We help you maximize effectiveness and relevance in a cost-effective manner. Experience our in-depth expertise and advanced analytics to step into the future of media.

Quality Assurance for OTT Providers
Content Supply Chain Engineering
Broadcast Operations on Cloud
Reliability Engineering and Management for Media
Rights and Metadata Management for Media
Audience Data Hub
Product Sustenance
Cloud Operations for Media
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    • Direct-to-consumer models have been adopted by traditional video service providers by launching in-house OTT services. At Inspire, we use modular technology solutions which ensure business profits and consumer satisfaction.
    • Our pre-packaged solutions and frameworks give rise to integrated monitoring solutions for the entire OTT pipeline. The use of our effective quality assurance procedures reduce operational costs.
    • Media companies such as broadcasters, publishers, OTT platforms, and cable networks are continually competing in the quest to provide differentiated and personalized content to their consumers via the device of their choice. We leverage our technological expertise to provide high-quality digital content.
    • ​​With the launch of our next-generation media supply chain solution, we continue to address the heightened content demand by media companies.
    • We offer broadcasters a single platform to manage and operate the flow of content, thereby putting an end to the struggle to bridge the gap between increasing consumer demand for high-quality content across multiple fora.
    • Inspire Infosol’s broadcast operations in the cloud are devised to help with extensible content delivery, better cost visibility, and sustainable operations.
    • Countless viewer requests from across the globe makes quick and cohesive functioning of various media systems a necessity. Inspire Infosol steps in by integrating effective approaches for reliable services and infrastructure.
    • We leverage our knowledge across various domains to help media enterprises streamline their applications and provide a versatile framework for microservice-based transformation.
    • We offer smooth metadata management along with present-day rights in order to meet the changing demands of various media firms. At Inspire Infosol, we are guided by our agile solutioning approach to ensure seamless administration.
    • We make use of the Salesforce platform to offer a holistic ecosystem of supporting rights along with metadata management workflows. This accelerates the development lifecycle of metadata while emphasizing on innovative functionalities.
    • The race amongst media firms to provide personalized content to their consumers requires them to explore beyond web analytics. We help with dissecting consumer intelligence by incorporating an all-rounded audience view. This involves a study of the audience journey and a predictive analysis of audience behaviour.
    • At Inspire Infosol, our audience data hub allows organizations to focus on audience-centric features across different channels. We make use of real-time analytics to ensure we deliver an efficient and accurate outcome.
    • Fast-paced changes and features of technology inevitably shorten the life-span of products while giving way to the introduction of new ones. This leads to complex management of both the new as well as existing products. With the Inspire advantage, we offer a smooth product maintenance landscape.
    • With the use of our modular technology, you can now keep your product costs in check, extend product life spans, retain your customers and enhance customer experiences.
    • The need for media firms to keep up with increased demand for high-quality content is making them turn towards multi-cloud solutions. Ensure content quality on these sought-after devices with the help of our seamless methods.
    • We step in by helping firms to effectively shuffle between multi-cloud environments. Our in-depth knowledge of technologies enables us to deliver standardization, better quality, and higher reliability to ensure the smooth functioning of cloud management.
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